Why Inspiration is for Suckers

I’m starting to feel resentful at the inspirational articles and meme’s on LinkedIn. It’s basically all the things I should be doing better that I’m not: Believe in your dreams! Never give up! Do something that scares you EVERY DAY! Engage your people! Or maybe I am. It’s really hard to know when you are in the

Which Test Won?

Virtual Adviser was recently featured in Which Test Won – the world’s leading online publication on A/B testing! Think you are a savvy marketer? Take the test here task manager app.

Lead Qualification Made Easy

How many times has this happened to you? It’s the end of the quarterly sales meeting and it’s reckoning time. Your sales people have been promising big numbers for months and every deal is “is just waiting for a token signature.” You’ve been telling management you’re on pace to meet your budget. And then the

Why Content Marketing Fails

If content marketing is the next big thing, why aren’t there any comments on your blog posts and articles? The fact is, “content” is just a marketing buzzword created by tech-obsessed, hive-minds, that commoditizes ideas. Case in point: If you’ve visited a LinkedIn group, or company blog these days you’ll see so many boring articles