Lead Qualification Made Easy


How many times has this happened to you? It’s the end of the quarterly sales meeting and it’s reckoning time. Your sales people have been promising big numbers for months and every deal is “is just waiting for a token signature.” You’ve been telling management you’re on pace to meet your budget.

And then the numbers come in and the excuses start.

“I don’t know what happened, that deal was a lock.”

“That stupid client is so cheap.”

“Another vendor swooped in a practically gave away the product. We couldn’t compete.”


The truth is sales people all over the map in ability and consistency of best practice. You can put in place all the hiring filters, processes to follow, support and even sales training, yet results continue to be inconsistent. Reports show that as little as 7% of sales training is retained after 90 days.

And when your projections fall short, there is hell to pay. Why? Because the entire organization around you has based their budgets on what you think your team will sell. If you are off, everything crumbles around you and there is a big target on your back.

Why do deals fall apart? Lack of Lead Qualification

Typically it is for one reason: Sales reps don’t follow a proven sales process (despite your nagging, pleading, and threats), and as a result they fail to spend enough time in the lead qualification stage, moving to solution or delivering their “pitch” way before customer need has been truly identified.

Virtual every study of sales effectiveness backs this up, whether it is challenge selling, spin selling, counselor selling or whatever Discover More Here. Qualification is the key to success.

Yet these processes are rarely worked consistently, 100% of the time because sales people are fallible, have ups and downs, forget, get flustered or feel they know it all. And best practices go out the window.

Wouldn’t it be great if your reps could nail the most important part of the sales process, 100% of the time?

Your customers would be higher quality, would stay longer and buy more from you over the lifetime of the relationship. If your team consistently performed at a high level 100% of the time on the most important part of the sales process, your revenue would go way up, the executive team would be off your back because your sales projections would come true. By extension, you and your reps would enjoy executive compensation.

Enter Virtual Adviser

Virtual Adviser is a web-based prospect engagement platform that allows you to create engagement content targeting prospective customers. These sales “pathways” help increase lead generation, create higher conversion rates, better lead qualification and more interested buyers, helping your sales team have more meaning conversations, close more deals, and exceed sales goals.

But most importantly, Virtual Adviser brings prospects to the table that have already qualified themselves, and give your sales team a track to run on.

In addition, Virtual Adviser efficiently finds more of the qualified prospects inside that crazy lead pool that marketing delivers to you each month. Your sales go up, your reps will generate more revenue, you will be able to defend your sales plan to operations and other member of the executive team. You will be able to give accurate feedback to marketing on the quality of the monthly lead pool being delivered to you. Perhaps of greatest importance, your customers will have been dealt with in an honourable and rolex replica professional manner, turning them into happy and valued long term customers.

Want to learn more?

You first step is to schedule a demo and friendly chat. Just fill out the form on the side of this page. Or if you’re still not sure, why not take the “Is Virtual Adviser right for me questionnaire.”

Why Content Marketing Fails


If content marketing is the next big thing, why aren’t there any comments on your blog posts and articles? The fact is, “content” is just a marketing buzzword created by tech-obsessed, hive-minds, that commoditizes ideas.

Case in point: If you’ve visited a LinkedIn group, or company blog these days you’ll see so many boring articles that are basically repackaged business truisms and “5 Ways To…” lists. They are almost always lacking in original thought and do nothing to help the reader. They are written primarily to placate  Google’s search algorithm, and to try and establish expertise with potential buyers.

But writing is about engagement, not word count, or SEO keyword density. And the reality is that original thought is hard and rare. That’s why there isn’t a lot of it.

The reason content marketing fails is that there is simple TOO MUCH content to care. We all have information overload and it become frustrating to read another useless tip that can’t be turned into action. And worst of all, it doesn’t really get to heart of what the reader wants – something practical and actionable. That’s one of the reasons we came up with Virtual Adviser.

Using a questionnaire, quiz or survey is very powerful way to engage a prospective buyer and help him or her determine the value of what you sell free task manager. We are seeing clients get huge improvements in engagement and revenue, because they give their market personal insight, not just fluffy anecdotes.

For example, many of the vocational schools we work with use a “Readiness” quiz that helps potential students understand if they are, in fact, ready to go back to school. It generates a bunch of leads for the schools, and the enrollment rate is higher for candidates that qualify themselves in.

It adds value, and best of all, you build it once and it continues to bear fruit.

Save yourself wasted hours of writing, editing and messing around on “content” that basically gets you no tangible results. Why not try a new way to capture the interest and attention of your market with Virtual Adviser. It all starts with a demo…