Key Features of Virtual Adviser

Here are some of the features in the Virtual Adviser platform that will help you take prospect engagement to the next level:

Campaign Tracking

With the built-in campaign dashboard, you can track exactly where every click comes from. The system even allows you to create custom tagging, which provides marketing teams deep insight into what tactics are driving usage and generating meeting requests. It’s an ideal tool for data-driven marketing teams.

Psychographic Insight

Get unparalleled insight into your prospects’ motivations and personality and make meaningful connections quickly and easily with Virtual Adviser’s detailed lead reports. Receiving a Virtual Adviser lead gives Admissions Reps a head start on relationship building. Reps jump directly into worthwhile conversation, allowing them to set appointments in less time and with more confidence. Prospects feel comfortable and receptive to coming in for a tour after speaking with a Rep who is well-informed and able to tailor the conversation to their specific needs.

Marketing Automation

Stay in touch with prospects throughout the admissions process, without adding extra pressure to your busy Admissions team, with Virtual Adviser’s automated marketing triggers. The Virtual Adviser system sends targeted emails to stay top-of-mind with prospects and increase contact rate, tours and potential enrollments.

Prospect registers but doesn’t complete the quiz pathway? Virtual Adviser will send an email inviting them to complete. Completed the quiz but did not schedule a tour? Virtual Adviser will reach out with an invitation to visit the school. A significant number of “dropped” leads re-engage after being contacted by Virtual Adviser. Admissions Reps spend less time trapped in a game of phone tag and more time on valuable relationship building with interested prospects.

Advanced Data Analysis of Prospects

Virtual Adviser is also a powerful data analysis tool. The system automatically aggregates answers your prospects have given, so you can see at a glance characteristics of your prospects, the services that are most in demand and the key features that are most attractive to your market. This allows your marketing team to better target communication to your unique market.

Google Analytics Integration

Virtual Adviser also comes standard with full Google Analytics integration, so you can track user stats within your existing Analytics accounts, for even more granularity.

Filterable Statistics

Easily filter results by the metric of your choice including campus, program, readiness score and more. Get valuable insight into your prospects to better serve potential students, craft more effective marketing and tailor your admissions approach. Built for Mobile.

The platform has a responsive user-interface designed to work seamlessly on all devices. So whether your user is on an iPhone, iPad, Android or a desktop, your content shows flawlessly.

Customizable Content, Look & Feel

Every Virtual Adviser pathway can be customized to match your existing marketing materials in look, tone and content to ensure a seamless user experience for prospects. An experienced Virtual Adviser Content Specialist will work with you to customize your pathways to highlight the outstanding benefits of your school.

Conditional Logic Engine to Personalize User Experience

Virtual Adviser’s conditional logic feature allows you to tailor the content a user sees based on their responses. Make each individual prospect feel seen and catered to using conditional logic to customize their experience.

Social Media “Detective”

Get Social with your prospects. When a prospect enters their email address into a Virtual Adviser pathway, Virtual Adviser automatically attempts to pull all Social Media profiles associated with that email address. For prospects with active Social Media profiles, Admissions Reps can get an in-depth look at who that prospect is, can reach out to them via social media messaging and can even potentially recognize them when they come in to tour.

Training & Ongoing Support

Personalized staff training is included with Virtual Adviser, but our support doesn’t stop there. As a client, you get access to our proprietary Knowledge Base of enrollment management best-practices. And in addition, you’re invited to attend our monthly client-only Mastermind and Admissions webinars, where we share the latest best-practices on a variety of topics related to Admissions and Marketing.

Full User Management

You can create multiple permission levels for different types of back-end users, including limiting Admissions staff access by campus.

Smart Lead Posting — Workflow Triggers that Integrate with Industry-Leading CRM Systems

Virtual Adviser integrates with industry-leading CRM systems such as Velocify, CampusVue,, STARS, and others. Post directly to your CRM or receive lead notifications by email directly from Virtual Adviser. There’s no barrier to entry and no complicated system to learn.

In addition, the system features an advanced “trigger” system that can allow it to integrate seamlessly with even the most complicated lead management process. Our tool works within your workflow.

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