Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons — Turn Your Website Into a Patient-Generating Machine

Too often a potential patient visits your website or facebook page with aspirations to ‘finally take the step’ to look and feel better. But the moment before she clicks submit on your inquiry form gets cold feet. Why?  It’s fear. She just isn’t quite sure and that fear holds her back from contacting you and starting that transformational journey. It happens every day, and it’s costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities a year.

But it doesn’t have to…

Effective Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons with Virtual Adviser

Virtual Adviser is a web-based prospect qualification platform that allows you to capture the attention of website visitors and help them make an informed buying decision – all automatically. Using fun and interactive questionnaires, it will:

  • Increase lead generation and marketing performance
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Build more qualified and interested patients
  • And create immediate, meaningful relationships with your prospective patients
  • As a result, your sales team will have more productive conversations, and book more appointments and procedures.

But most importantly, Virtual Adviser brings prospects to the table that have already qualified and inspired themselves which gives your sales team a track to run on.

And unlike CRM systems and complicated sales analytic software, Virtual Adviser is part of your sales and marketing process, not just another technology treadmill forced on your team.

Use Virtual Adviser to:

  • Leverage and monetize existing website traffic
  • Generate better prospect engagement pre sales-funnel
  • Improve lead quality/qualification
  • Support your sales teams by giving them a competitive advantage
  • Know your prospect in profound detail before you ever even talk with them

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Virtual Adviser for Cosmetic Surgeons is offered through our Industry Partner