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Marketing for Funeral Homes / End Of Life Pre-Planning

Grow Revenue with a Prospect Engagement Tool that Helps Customers Feel In Control

Some don’t wanna talk about it. Some are forced to talk about it. Some want the comfort of knowing every detail is in place. Others have a basic plan but leave other aspects to be settled later.

A lot of different motivations go into end of life planning and pre-planning. And marketing a funeral home is a sensitive matter. So, how do you connect with diverse leads in a meaningful way? More importantly, how do you sell to them?

By giving end of life pre-planning/funeral home prospects a way to easily assess their needs, get informed and feel empowered about their options. With Virtual Adviser, prospects visiting your site go from passive inquiries to qualified customers ready to take the next step in a matter of minutes. Prospects actively schedule appointments and Sales Reps have the information they need to create meaningful relationships and best serve the needs of each client.

Get Real Prospect Engagement with Virtual Adviser

Virtual Adviser is a web-based prospect qualification platform that allows you to capture the attention of website visitors and help them make an informed buying decision – all automatically. Using fun and interactive questionnaires, it will:

  • Increase lead generation and marketing performance
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Build more qualified and interested prospects
  • And create immediate, meaningful relationships with your prospects
  • As a result, your sales team will have more productive conversations, and book more appointments and close more sales.

But most importantly, Virtual Adviser brings prospects to the table that have already qualified and inspired themselves which gives your sales team a track to run on.

And unlike CRM systems and complicated sales analytic software, Virtual Adviser is part of your sales and marketing process, not just another technology treadmill forced on your team.

Use Virtual Adviser to:

  • Leverage and monetize existing website traffic
  • Generate better prospect engagement pre sales-funnel
  • Improve lead quality/qualification
  • Support your sales teams by giving them a competitive advantage
  • Know your prospect in profound detail before you ever even talk with them

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