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As many schools rapidly shift to online operations in the wake of the COVID crisis, Admissions teams are struggling to be effective when in-person interviews are not possible. Organize a high-performing Remote Admissions Program quickly with the Remote Admissions Pathway module in Virtual Adviser. Use this tool to help your team deliver effective online interviews and school tours.

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The Virtual Adviser Suite of Conversion Optimization Tools for EDU

Convert more website visitors to qualified leads. Book more tours. Convert more tours to enrollments. Guaranteed.

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32% increase in website leads

Average Reported performance improvement by Clients

Virtual Adviser
 is a powerful suite of conversion optimization tools that help schools “fatten their funnel”. Need more leads? We’ve got a tool for that. Admissions staff won’t follow your process? We’ve got you covered. Our system can help improve:

  • Lead Generation
  • High School Recruitment
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Admissions Interview Performance
  • Student Retention

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Virtual Adviser Overview

Virtual Adviser is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that powers a suite of conversion optimization tools specifically designed for EDU. The suite includes questionnaires, self-assessments and appointment assessments that are strategically used in your enrollment management systems — on your website, social media platforms, nurture marketing and in the admissions process. These tools allow prospects to self-assess, qualify themselves, and give information to your admissions team about their motivations, goals and objectives. This tactically orchestrated approach optimizes your outreach by increasing qualified leads and improving contact rates, engagement and enrollment conversions.

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The Virtual Adviser Guarantee

A lot of businesses pay lip service to “guarantees” but when you check the fine print they are almost impossible to act on. Ours is simple and it’s written in every agreement:

“If you do not feel you have received sufficient value for the fee you pay us, you can adjust the invoice to whatever you deem fair. Including zero.”

That’s how confidence we are that Virtual Adviser will help you increase revenue and enrollment.


Quick ROI: How much additional revenue can you generate?

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VirtualAdviser™ on Website

Website Lead Generation Lift 32%
Additional VA Registrations
Estimated Completion Rate 42%
Additional Completions from VA registrations
Improvement in Conversion Rate
Additional Sales
Additional Revenue/Month

VirtualAdviser™ on Thank you page

Estimated Registration Rate 32%
Estimated Completion Rate 42%
Improvement in Conversion Rate
Additional Sales
Additional Revenue/Month

Yearly Additional Revenue:


Holli McElwee

“IBMC has experienced fantastic results with Virtual Adviser. The leads are high-converting, and the team is always open to taking customer feedback for continued product improvement.”

Holli McElweeMarketing Manager