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Virtual Adviser is a sales acceleration software platform that improves the conversion power of your website and other online marketing campaigns. Clients report an average performance increases of… 

32% increase in website leads

Find out how you can optimize your marketing and sales funnel and generate more leads, more customers and increased revenue

How the Virtual Adviser Sales Acceleration Software Works

Virtual Adviser Sales Acceleration Software uses “engagement pathways” – questionnaires, self-assessments and sales appointment assessments – that are strategically placed on your website, social media platforms such as Facebook, nurture marketing and sales interviews. These “pathways” allow prospects to self-assess, qualify themselves, and give information to your sales team about their motivations, goals and objections. This orchestrated approach optimizes your outreach — increases qualified leads, improving contact rates, engagement and sales conversions.

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A Supercharger for Sales Organizations

Virtual Adviser is ideal for any “high ticket, considered purchase” where lead’s are followed up with an orchestrated sales process. It works as a fantastic augmentation to a Challenger or SPIN Selling type sales approach. If your sales process is multi-touch and involves any solution-based sales process, Virtual Adviser can help.

Spinchallenger sales

Industry Specific Solutions

We have industry-specific solutions in a number of sectors, and growing! Don’t see yours? Let us build you something amazing.

  • Sales Organizations

    Looking to better engage with website visitors and optimize sales performance? Virtual Adviser is fully customizable. We’ll create a unique “digital dialog” to suit your offering. We can work with you to create a personalized platform to help turn your leads into sales.

  • Cosmetic Surgeons

    Set consultations with motivated, informed clients without lifting a finger. Generate more leads, earn more patients and improve the performance of your cosmetic surgery practice.

  • Education

    Get a rock star, 100% compliant Admissions Rep who works 24/7. Increase enrollment without increasing staff, budget or effort.

  • End of Life Planning

    Help clients easily assess needs, get information and get connected to a knowledgeable member of your team familiar with their circumstances. Turn existing web traffic into satisfied clients.

  • Senior Living

    Easy-to-use tools to help seniors and their families get informed and move forward on an exciting new chapter. Stand out from the competition and increase sales without spending more.


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VirtualAdviser™ on Website

Website Lead Generation Lift 32%
Additional VA Registrations
Estimated Completion Rate 42%
Additional Completions from VA registrations
Improvement in Conversion Rate
Additional Sales
Additional Revenue/Month

VirtualAdviser™ on Thank you page

Estimated Registration Rate 32%
Estimated Completion Rate 42%
Improvement in Conversion Rate
Additional Sales
Additional Revenue/Month

Yearly Additional Revenue:


Holli McElwee

“IBMC has experienced fantastic results with Virtual Adviser. The leads are high-converting, and the team is always open to taking customer feedback for continued product improvement.”

Holli McElwee, Marketing Manager, IBMC


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