Why Inspiration is for Suckers

I’m starting to feel resentful at the inspirational articles and meme’s on LinkedIn. It’s basically all the things I should be doing better that I’m not:

  • Believe in your dreams!
  • Never give up!
  • Do something that scares you EVERY DAY!
  • Engage your people!

Or maybe I am. It’s really hard to know when you are in the daily storm of managing a business.

I’ve realized that all these “inspirational quotes” are the same as sales training, which is widely proven to NOT work.

The reason it doesn’t work is the same reason I continue to not lose weight. Or not eat more vegetables. Or not curse as much rticn3w.

Inspiration is inherently a temporary improvement.

Here’s an analogy that you might relate to: You’re gonna get fit, so you hire a personal trainer to motivate you. You book a 6 session package over a few weeks and hit the gym. She motivates you to do one extra set, run an extra mile, push yourself a little farther. You’re psyched! You lost three pounds!

Then the sessions run out. And you’re kind of sick of being sore and want to save the money, and think, I’ve got this, I can do it on my own.

And you immediate revert back to your old behaviours.

Having that temporary lift doesn’t affect a permanent change rcvizse. So you get a day, or a week, maybe even a month of improved performance, and then it quickly falls back to the average.  Lose a few pounds, gain a few pounds.

The only permanent change I’ve ever really seen is systemic change. Where you change the core systems and ways of work. A permanent routine change that isn’t propped up by phoney inspiration.

Here’s another example: We test a ton of things to improve conversion rates on websites and landing promotional products pages, and when we land on a winning test, we implement it and it creates a permanent improvement. It’s not reliant on some inspired moment of genius, it’s an analytical, measured system of continual improvement.

Virtual Adviser, as a system, creates an immediate and permanent increase in lead generation, AND gives sales people the information to permanently change HOW they engage with prospects.

It’s a system webpage. Better systems = permanent improvement. Inspiration = temporary lift, and long term failure.

Take your pick.

Oh, and why not schedule a demo and find out how we can help you generate way more revenue. Permanently.

– Shane Sparks