The Virtual Adviser Suite

Virtual Adviser (VA) powers a suite of conversion tools to improve lead generation, lead nurturing, social media engagement, admissions and retention. All content is customized to your school’s unique brand and workflow.

VA Core: Marketing tools to increase organic leads

Performance Highlights
— 31% average increase in website leads —
— 44% average increase in website conversion rate —

VA Core Also Includes:

  • Lead Distribution Engine & Database
  • Statistics Engine
  • CRM Integration
  • Email Automation
  • Campaign set-up and customization
  • Training

Pathway Descriptions

  • Career Training Readiness Pathway — An online lead generation and qualification tool that helps prospective customers understand their personal strengths, explore their motivations and match with your school. It is delivered through a simple and fun online questionnaire that guides prospects to request a meeting with your sales team. The comprehensive Career Training Readiness Report generated by the pathway gives your sales teams deep insights about your prospects. In addition to creating high-quality leads, sales staff gain valuable information on each prospect’s perceived strengths, support network, perception of key features of your business, and much more.
  • Lead Recovery Pathway — Provides an entry point to re-engage “stale” leads ands a reason to reach out to those prospects who may have dropped off of the radar, but who are potentially still interested in going to school. Not only will you increase your ROI by re-engaging existing leads, you’ll also have the opportunity to potentially improve your admissions process by identifying possible barriers that may have held prospects back from initially enrolling.
  • High School Recruitment Pathway — As young people near the end of high school they face an enormous amount of change and what to do after high school can become a looming question. This pathway helps high school students to identify goals, articulate strengths and explore their options in a low-pressure online quiz. Utilizing a variety of question types including sliders, multiple choice and open-ended, the High School Recruitment Pathway allows students to feel empowered. They control the investigation for and about themselves and their future.
  • Website Inquiry Form — So much more than a typical “Request Info” form, our website form is a conversion powerhouse that has been tested and perfected with numerous clients. It features a number of subtle but important conversion magnets and “in-the-code” enhancements. Widely copied by competitors, they never capture the beauty and conversion-power of our original.
  • Apply Now Form — Truth be told, this isn’t a true application, but is very useful for pulling out your highest intent website visitors (typically about 7% of inquiries). Use it to high-grade your top prospects and put these at the top of your call list.