The Virtual Adviser Suite of Conversion Tools

Virtual Adviser powers a suite of conversion tools to improve lead generation, lead nurturing, social media engagement, admissions and retention. All content is customized to your school’s unique brand and workflow.


Career Training Readiness Quiz

Turn your website into a conversion machine, increase leads 32% and increase admissions conversion rates by up to 107%

The Career Training Readiness Pathway is an online lead generation and qualification tool that helps prospective customers understand their personal strengths, explore their motivations and match with your school. It is delivered through a simple and fun online questionnaire that guides prospects to request a meeting with your sales team. The comprehensive Career Training Readiness Report generated by the pathway gives your sales teams deep insights about your prospects. In addition to creating high-quality leads, sales staff gain valuable information on each prospect’s perceived strengths, support network, perception of key features of your business, and much more.

A link to the Readiness Quiz is placed on your website, on your thank you pages, in nurture emails, or wherever prospects engage you online. When a prospect clicks the link, a window pops up that invites them to take the questionnaire, branded with your logo and contact information. The prospect answers a number of questions to get a “Readiness” score, at which point they are invited to schedule a personalized meeting. The “meeting request” and prospect’s answers are sent to you in real time and can post directly to leading CRM’s.

Clients report that “meeting requests” are among their highest converting lead sources, converting to enrollment at about twice the rate of typical website leads.

This pathway helps high school students to identify goals, articulate strengths and explore their options in a low-pressure online quiz. Utilizing a variety of question types including sliders, multiple choice and open-ended, the High School Recruitment Pathway allows students to feel empowered. They control the investigation for and about themselves and their future.

The quiz serves to inform high school students about various post-high school education options and investigate their own needs and goals.

One of the most important questions the High School Recruitment Pathway helps to answer: Is Career Education Right For Me?”

With so many options, and many students unsure of the difference between career and traditional college, the High School Recruitment Survey helps to showcase the distinctive benefits of career-focused education.

Where to Use the High School Recruitment Pathway:

  • School / Career Fairs
  • During In-School Visits
  • Via Email
  • During Tours / Admissions Meetings
  • On your Website / Landing Pages
  • On Social Media

Lead Recovery Pathway Tool

Not only will you increase your ROI by re-engaging existing leads, you’ll also have the opportunity to potentially improve your admissions process by identifying possible barriers that may have held prospects back from initially enrolling.



Admissions Interview Pathway

Guarantee an effective sales interview every time without costly training, monitoring or hiring new staff. And increase conversion rates by 40%*

The Admissions Interview Pathway takes the complex sales process and breaks it down into manageable little challenges. It systematically guides prospects and reps through a best-practice admissions interview, every time.

The results are impressive. Clients report an average 41% improvement in meeting-to-commitment rates. For the typical business, that’s about three additional enrollments per month** for each admissions representative on your team.

During the enrollment interview, the rep and prospect go through a joint exploration to establish fit and qualification. The questions asked are industry best practice based on a Challenger Selling model. After completing the process together, prospects are qualified “in or out.” This is all done in an objective and compliant manner.

The candidate receives a personalized “Enrollment Plan,” including clear next steps needed to complete the enrollment process. The plan is packaged up in a concise, easy to understand document. Your rep gets an action plan of next steps which maps beautifully into your CRM.

The Admissions Interview Pathway ensures your reps follow your process every time. And best of all, it makes the admissions interview a true value-added experience for the prospect.

* Based on pilot data from participating clients
** Based on 30 interviews per month

How It Works

After a tour, the Post-Tour Follow-Up Pathway is sent to the prospect via email, along with a note thanking them for coming in and inviting their feedback. The Pathway itself is a survey that consists largely of “yes or no” questions and includes opportunity for open-ended feedback.

The results of the survey are housed within Virtual Adviser. The Director of Admissions or another Admissions Representative can be notified by email when a Follow-Up Pathway has been completed.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

The Post-Tour Follow-Up survey is designed to elicit honest feedback from the prospect about their experience. Because the survey is sent out after the prospect has completed the tour, they have had time to reflect and have the space to respond freely, without pressure. This makes the pathway an excellent tool to gain insight into your Admissions process; hear directly from your prospects. Identify gaps in service and areas in need of adjustment in order to offer optimal service to future prospects.

Keep the Conversation Going

In addition to offering an avenue for feedback on the Admissions Process, the Follow-Up Pathway provides a way for Admissions Reps to keep up momentum by asking the prospect if they plan to enroll. The pathway also invites the prospect to consider whether they would like to refer a friend.

The Start of School Survey

The Start of School survey itself is comprised of multiple-choice, slider and open-ended questions and invites students to share their initial experiences in the program and to take a moment to consider any potential stumbling blocks that may lie ahead.

This pathway can serve as a “canary in the coal mine” warning to show what issues the student may have that could prevent them from being successful, allowing school administrators to intervene early in the process.

In addition, it can be used as a measuring stick to see if the steps involved in getting the student enrolled in classes were properly explained and executed. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the admissions, registration and orientation process undertaken by each enrolled student. The survey provides an effective evaluation tool for the entire enrollment process and allows you to see where breakdowns may have occurred so they can be remedied.

Like all Virtual Adviser Pathways, the Start of School Pathway is housed within the Virtual Adviser suite. Students’ responses are accessible within your VA backend and can also be delivered to you by email.

Jim Liponis

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